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DMM 3 CU's

Our Price: From $47.95 - $227.75
Manufacturer: DMM

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Conventional cams work well in cracks and open breaks, but pockets and constricted placements can cause problems. So what can you do if the cam is too wide to fit? The answer is obvious really: reduce the number of cam lobes.

3CUs have three cam lobes instead of four. This means the head of the cam is significantly narrower and will fit in much tighter placements.

We’ve built these neat little units to exactly the same specification as the 4CUs but limited the size range to six options running from 0 up to 1.75.


  • A lightweight, dual stemmed cam with 3 cam lobes to fit narrow placements and pockets
  • Original 13.75° camming angle
  • Cam stops for 10kN passive strength
  • Fitted with extendable dyneema slings
  • 6 sizes
  • Colour coded to help you make a speedy identification

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