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Omega Pacific Snow Anchor

Our Price: From $17.95 to $25.95
Manufacturer: Omega Pacific

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Our Snow Anchors were designed from the ground up exclusively as anchors in snow fields and glaciers. Extruded from 6000-series aluminum, the anchor-shaped cross section holds better in snow than any other picket available. Zero sharp edges insure they won’t cut packs, jackets, or shred ropes. A beveled spike on one end provides easier, speedier placement even in an avalanche debris field. They’re color-coded by size for quicker, simpler identification. High visibility yellow for the 24" size and bright red for the 36" size make them easier to spot, as well as easier to manage multiple anchors, even during a storm or while wearing dark eye-protection.

  • Material  6000-Series Aluminum
  • Weight 24"  526gm / 19oz
  • Weight 36"  774gm / 27.3oz
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