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The Mark

Our Price: $14.95
Item Number: BBD01
Manufacturer: Boulder Based Designs


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 You know the problems:

  • Fingernail polish and paint wear off making it difficult to distinguish between your gear and other climbers’ gear.
  • A day or two after climbing with your partner, you realize he or she has some of your gear. Now you have to go through the hassle of getting it back.
  • Colored tape and electrical tape not only come off, but they leave sticky areas on your gear that can bump up the pucker factor a notch when you’re forearms are pumped and you notice your pads are slowly slipping off the meager hold ‘cause of that damn tape goo. (Not speaking from personal experience at all.)
  • Punks steal climbing gear.

Here’s the solution: The Mark.  The Mark is a solvent free two-component epoxy specially formulated with high abrasion and impact resistance resulting in the longest lasting and most durable gear mark ever.  It’s made in the USA.  Comes in various bright colors.  You can apply your own specific mark whether it be two dashes, three dots in a triangle, an “X”, etc. Your package of The Mark includes a larger part A and part B packet of epoxy to mark even the largest Indian Creek rack.  It also comes with two smaller packets, so you can mark new gear as you acquire it. One package of The Mark includes enough epoxy to mark even the largest Indian Creek rack: approximately 250 marks. Recyclable packaging. Patent pending.


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