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Trango Big Bros

Our Price: From $88.95 to $115.95
Manufacturer: Trango

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Big Bros are must have pieces for wide cracks. Their huge range and sleek design save on both weight and racking space compared to large cams. In addition, they resist pull in any direction, giving you added security as you confidently climb past them.

#1    Weight:    154 g     Strength:   12 kN     Range:  81-109 mm, 3.2-4.3 in    

#2     Weight:   190 g     Strength:   12 kN     Range:  101-145 mm, 4-5.7 in     

#3     Weight:   235 g     Strength:   12 kN     Range:  135-203 mm, 5.3-8 in     

#4     Weight:   338 g     Strength:   12 kN     Range:  191-305 mm, 7.5-12 in

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